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Have a question about automatic gate systems and related topics and services? Scroll down to see the answers to some FAQs previous customers also inquired about.

When is a sliding gate more suitable than a swing-type system?

If the location of your new driveway gate is going to be near a main road, a swing-type mechanism may not be an ideal choice. A sliding gate requires lesser out front as it only moves laterally along a track. Of course, when you do have a lot of available space at the start of your driveway and not a lot of room alongside it, then a swing gate would be the preferred choice.

What should I watch for when inspecting my driveway gate for damage?

Our specialists recommend that you take a close look at all the the moving hardware parts of your gate. Pay close attention to the hinges and track, depending on which type of system you have. There may be all sorts of signs of damage not easily detected by the untrained eye. Be sure to also check the electric opener and test the system's safety features. Make sure your intercom system is also fully functional and has no reception or physical issues.

What are the different types of gate openers?

The type of system you have will determine which type of opener you'll need. Swing and sliding gates work very differently, and their motor units will be a reflection of that. The main difference is the drive system, that can be a ram or an articulated arm, or even a chain drive similar to the type often used for garage doors. There are many variations, each with different benefits and potential disadvantages. If you're looking for a new unit, our experts can help you with the decision and the installation.

Sprinklers are reaching my gate. Is this okay?

No, it is definitely not okay. Moisture of any kind can eventually damage even the sturdiest of gates, as wrought iron, steel, and wood can all be vulnerable to moisture. Given that these are the most common materials driveway gates are made of, it stands to reason that the least you can expect is not to have to deal with constant sprays of water. 


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