Gate Repair & Install

Gate Repair & Install

Our Automatic Gate Service in Glendale has been earning the community’s respect for a long time. We offer good old fashioned driveway gate service that you just don’t find anymore at most driveway gate companies. A solid driveway gate contractor does more than repair driveway gates.

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Driveway Gate

Driveway Gate

Quite a few owners of properties have come to the realization of how beneficial a driveway gate is. These devices not only add a touch of elegance to a property, they can also add an extra level of security by barring entrance to unauthorized or unwanted individuals.

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Automatic Gate

Automatic Gate

Homeowners and business owners in Glendale have come to realize that an automatic gate company in the area is the ideal place to visit for all automatic gate installation and repair services. These reputable professionals are capable of handling

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Are you struggling to put the gate back in the tracks?

Have you any doubts about the gate repair methods you are following? Here you'll find the best tips. Do you know what to do with wobbly gates? Learn how to fix the gate latch and how to inspect the system properly.

  • Clean your gate twice a year

    Cleaning your gate on a yearly basis, if not more often, will help you maintain its condition. Use a sponge to scrub all the different sections clean and rinse the gate using fresh water and a sponge. Spraying it with a hose is not a good idea. Iron and wooden gates are best cleaned with a soft damp cloth which is lint-free, as moisture can cause them to rust or rot.

  • Find the listing mark

    If you are planning on having a gate opener installation, before buying the opener unit you need to make sure that it has the UL or ETL mark. These are marks that indicate safety. They are comprehensively applicable and are not only used on sliding gate safety sensor or specific gates designed with safety features. Choose a gate contractor that only uses openers with these marks.

  • Invest in new parts

    Don't let gate parts get too old. Since they are exposed to the external conditions at all times, they don't only need frequent maintenance service but also replacement. With good treatment, they'll operate properly for many years but as soon as they start eroding, replace them.

  • Inspect the System

    If the machine that operates your gate runs on batteries, it needs to be checked frequently. First check if it is sealed well and if you need to add water. Due to the presence of water, it is likely that the unit may get corroded, so that needs to be checked as well. Batteries may need to be replaced every two to four years. Our gate repair pros can be contacted in Glendale for further help, as some critical components cannot be replaced by anyone.

  • Some self-closing gate mechanisms are better than others

    If you're looking to buy a self-closing gate, choose a model that does not depend on the frame to support itself. The frame can be prone to damage or corrosion and this way the gate will still function and prevent unauthorized entry when that part sustains damage. There are self-closing hinges and systems that use gravity to close, so in terms of other options, you can rest assured that there are enough alternatives out there.

  • Fixing the Gate Latch

    Metal gates are generally handy and popular. However, some gates have latches which may turn out to be problematic. One way to fix the gate latch is to nail small boards or poles on both ends of the latch pole. The metal latch will then be inserted in between, in order to hold the gate closed.

  • Dealing with wobbly gates

    Unsteady and wobbly gates may need to be taken apart and replaced. The problem may also be something else; therefore experts at Gate Repair Glendale recommend professional handling in this regard. Keep in mind that wobbly gates may cause you some troubles. Therefore, this should be something that should be given particular attention for the safety and security of your home.

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